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A recent survey showed more than half of Americans (55 percent) find a person’s smile to be the “most attractive” physical feature, beating out hair, build/figure, eyes and skin.

It is amazing the confidence that comes with just simple whitening. So, you can imagine what closing a gap or fixing a chipped tooth can give you. Scroll through our photos and read our patient testimonials below.

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Imagine being able to have a problem corrected with healthy and natural results. Advances in today's dental materials mean Dr. Brecht and Dr. Baker can replace failing dentistry with natural inlays instead of the traditional distracting silver.

Tooth whitening is the easiest way for you to improve your smile. Ask Dr. Brecht or Dr. Baker about selecting the in office or at home tooth whitening procedure that is right for you.


Thanks to Dr. Baker and his staff, my new smile has proved to be a success already! Not only did this procedure enhance the color, shape and texture of my teeth, they are no longer sensitive to anything! I cannot thank the office enough for making this process so smooth. They were accommodating with appointment times and were very thorough in answering all my questions/concerns. I would like to point out their impeccable chair-side manner as well. I highly recommend Dr. Baker if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry.
We moved to Shelby Township three years ago. Dr. Baker’s office was referred to us by a good family friend. Our hope was to make it a family dentist by having our three young girls also see Dr. Baker, instead of a pediatric dentist. At ages 6, 4 and 14 months, our girls have been welcomed and made to feel comfortable each time they’ve had a dentist appointment. With tentative, shy girls, that is an amazing accomplishment! From the office staff greeting us when we walk in, to the hygienist showing and explaining to them all the tools and how they work, to their reassuring voices as they clean the girls’ teeth … it’s a slam-dunk appointment!
Dr. Baker’s knowledge of interesting topics for young children also puts them right at ease. He talks to them, connects with something they know, and they allow him to do the very best job in examining their teeth.
My husband and I have been to many dentists in our lives. We are impressed with Dr. Baker’s innovative techniques and modern ways of providing complete dentistry. It is our family’s place for dental care!
—Kristyn and Brent, Margaret, Caroline and Camille
The procedure performed by Dr. Baker to improve my smile was very efficient, and the results were incredible. Initially, I had reservations that the new teeth would look like they weren't real. However, I couldn't have been more wrong. My new teeth look and feel very natural, and the procedure has improved my smile greatly. It was painless. I'm very happy with the results. These teeth feel like my own, and they perform the same as my own teeth. My smile looks very nice, and I am very pleased with the look. I've been told by many people, since I had the new look, that I have a very nice smile. It was worth every penny.
I had worn braces for three years twice in my life, gone through some painful times and embarrassing rubberbands just to end up having to wear a retainer. Of course, I never did, and my teeth ended up shifting back. After seeing some pictures of Dr. Baker's patients, I was amazed and wondered if he could help me. Well, I am living proof that he can and did! I had veneers done, and it was completely pain free. I now have the confidence in myself and my appearance to wear red lipstick and don't mind my picture taken. Thank you again Dr. Baker and staff! Your talent made such a difference in my life. I have no regrets other than not having this done sooner!
Dr. Baker gave me the smile that I’ve always wanted. For many years, I’d thought about having some cosmetic dentistry done to give me a whiter, more beautiful smile, but I never realized such a transformation could be so easy. In my mind, I had a vision of what I wanted my smile to look like, and Dr. Baker and his staff shared in my vision and made my dream a reality. I knew that having a new smile would change my life, but I never imagined just how much. Over the years, my bite had collapsed due to excessive dental treatment. This contributed to the clicking in my jaw joint and the discomfort I felt. By restoring my teeth to the proper occlusion, my discomfort has been eliminated entirely. In addition, the headaches that I previously suffered are almost non-existent. Changing my smile not only improved my overall dental health, but improved my confidence as well.
I want to personally thank you for the work you did on my teeth! For many years I have lived with teeth that were discolored and appeared somewhat crooked, plus there was a split between my two front teeth. After getting the veneers on my teeth, I now have whiter, straighter teeth, and am very impressed with the ease of this process. I would also like to add that your staff was friendly and supportive, which helped me to feel more comfortable during the process. Thanks to you and your staff, I now have more confidence in my appearance and myself as well as a brighter, friendlier smile.
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