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Learn the options for replacing teeth

Even with the attention of the Tooth Fairy, losing a tooth is never easy, especially an adult tooth. Cosmetic reasons aside, missing teeth can bring about a host of issues, including speech impediments, poor chewing ability, bone loss and decay.

But there is hope and options! Dr. Jeffery Baker and Dr. Evan Castile have a lot of experience with the various treatments available to help replace a lost tooth and bring back your smile.

“It’s not fun to break or lose a tooth,” admits Dr. Baker, “You don’t have to live with it. If you’ve been suffering from such a situation, give us a call right away and we can get the process started sooner than later.”

Here are the most typical ways to replace a broken or lost tooth.

Embrace the implant– The most widely recognized reaction to replacing a broken or missing tooth is an implant. A replacement tooth implant provides the look and feel of natural teeth and can last for years without needing to be repaired or replaced. They also provide the most natural feel and it’s a permanent replacement so no additional checkups are necessary after the tooth is implanted.

Bridging the gap– Another option is a fixed dental bridge. This option looks, feels and functions like natural teeth, does not require removal for cleaning and is typically less expensive than a dental tooth implant. A bridge can replace one or two missing teeth easily, and sometimes more if there is enough support. A tooth-supported bridge, using crowns, is slipped over the teeth next to the missing tooth and cemented in place. For the loss of a front tooth, a resin-retain bridge attaches to teeth on other side of missing toots can help you smile with confidence again.

Digging on dentures-If multiple teeth are missing, a full or partial denture set may be your best option. While dentures, either partial or complete, can be more affordable, they can be uncomfortable and harder to clean than traditional implants. They are removable which can be troublesome and noticeable since the metal clasps may be visible. Others, often referred to as a “flipper” are inexpensive and fragile, making them a good temporary option, but not good for a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Tooth loss happens. Be it from a trauma, accident, gum disease or tooth decay, there are many ways to replace a missing tooth and to get you back to smiling with confidence. Call us today at 586-992-9222.