Dental Bridges

If you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge can help. Dental bridges are just one of the tooth replacement options we offer at the practice of Jeffrey T. Baker DDS. They can be used to replace one or several missing teeth, although if you are missing more than one tooth, we might recommend another option such as dental implants.

Dental Bridges | Restorative Dentists In Shelby Township Mi

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a type of dental restoration that can replace a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is secured by a crown on either side. These crowns then cover the teeth adjacent to the empty space, creating a seamless smile and “bridging” the gap.

Dental bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth, as they help distribute your bite pressure and maintain the shape of your face. They also prevent the position of your teeth from shifting over time. You’ll be able to speak and chew normally without worrying about gaps in your teeth.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Before you get a dental bridge, we will need to remove a small amount of enamel from the surrounding teeth so the crowns can fit over them. The bridge is custom-made to suit your mouth, so it will look and feel like your natural teeth.

With proper care, your bridge can last for 5-15 years. You’ll need to make sure to properly brush and floss your teeth, as taking care of the anchor teeth is the best way to make sure your bridge will last. If the anchor teeth become decayed, the bridge may need to be removed.

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