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When you have a cavity, our Shelby Township, MI, dentists will use a dental filling to restore your tooth. Modern fillings are made of tooth-colored materials and look just like your natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about the obvious metal fillings of decades past.

Learn more about when tooth-colored fillings are needed below.

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What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are caused when bacteria causes permanent damage to your tooth, usually due to poor oral hygiene or a diet high in sugars and starches. They occur most frequently in rear molars that are hard to properly brush and floss.

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Cavities start off small and might go unnoticed until they’ve grown more serious. Here are a few common symptoms of a cavity:

  • Toothache that does not go away on its own
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain when biting down or chewing
  • Visible black or brown spots or stains on your teeth

Patients of all ages are at risk for cavities, but children are especially susceptible due to the fact that it’s harder for them to thoroughly clean their teeth. If you have any of the above symptoms, give our Shelby Township dental office a call right away. If possible, our team can perform a teeth cleaning to remove tooth decay before dental fillings come up as the best solution.

The Filling Procedure

Depending on the severity of the cavity, you may or may not need a local anesthetic. If the cavity is deep within the tooth, we will first numb the area to make sure you don’t experience any pain while we restore your smile. Keep in mind that you won’t need a crown placed unless the cavity itself is too large for a filling.

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Next, we’ll drill away any decay or damage that may have occurred in the tooth. The area will be thoroughly cleaned, and then the filling material will be applied. There’s little to no recovery time, although you might experience some minor discomfort immediately following the procedure. You should be able to eat normally again once you leave our office and the numbing wears off.

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