Dental X-Rays

Part of your oral examination may include dental X-rays. Our Shelby Township, MI, dentists recommend periodic X-rays to help us see exactly what’s going on in your mouth, even in places that the naked eye can’t see. X-rays have been used in dentistry for decades, but improvements in technology have made today’s X-rays more helpful (and safer) than ever before.

Keep reading to learn more about how dental X-rays play a role in your oral health.

Dental X Rays Shelby Township Dentists

Importance of X-rays at the Dentist

A dental X-ray allows our dentists to see cavities, tooth decay, tumors, and impacted teeth. They help us understand the full picture when it comes to your oral health and make it possible for us to catch oral health issues that might otherwise go unseen.

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Some patients may need X-rays more regularly than others. For example, children’s smiles need closer monitoring because their teeth are still growing and changing. It’s important for us to look at your child’s permanent teeth as they grow to make sure they won’t cause crowding or other complications.

We also use X-rays to monitor the progress of wisdom teeth for patients of all ages. Sometimes we can see from an early age that wisdom teeth should come out, but other times patients can be well into adulthood before they experience problems with their wisdom teeth.

If you’re a new patient, you can have your previous dental office send over any X-rays they may have taken for you over the years. However, we might still ask to X-ray you at your first appointment to ensure that we have the most up-to-date records of your dental care.

Some patients might be concerned about the radiation that X-rays may expose them to but the amount that occurs during a dental X-ray is so low that it has been deemed safe for children and adults alike.

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They may not seem like much, but dental X-rays allow ourdentists in Shelby Township, MI, to keep your smile healthy and diagnose oral health problems before they become serious. To request an appointment, call the dental office of Jeffrey T. Baker DDS PC at (586) 992-9222 today.

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