Many patients lose their teeth as they get older, but that doesn’t mean they need to keep it that way. Dentures can replace a full arch of missing teeth and allow you to eat, speak, and chew normally again. We offer fixed hybrid dentures at our office to help you smile with confidence.

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What Are Fixed Hybrid Dentures?

Fixed hybrid dentures are stabilized by dental implants that are embedded into the patient’s jawbone. These implants stimulate the bone just like a natural tooth root, keeping the bone healthy and preventing facial collapse. This is a sturdy, reliable option for patients who have lost their teeth, as these dentures won’t slip or move around.

In fact, fixed hybrid dentures can only be removed by your dentist, making them hassle-free! You don’t have to worry about having to adjust your dentures, as they’ll always be secure in your mouth.

When fixed hybrid dentures are attached, there will be a small gap between your gums and the appliance itself. It’s important to use that gap to thoroughly clean your dentures, mouth, and gums. Poor oral hygiene can lead to infections and other serious health concerns.

Benefits of Fixed Hybrid Dentures

There are many reasons to choose fixed hybrid dentures over other denture options, including:

  • They’ll stay in place even when you speak or eat
  • Dental implants take the pressure off your gums
  • You can preserve your facial structure
  • They look and feel like natural teeth
  • No need to remove dentures while you sleep

Not every patient will be a candidate for fixed hybrid dentures. Ask our team about the tooth replacement option that’s best for you!

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