Tooth Extractions

Sometimes the only way to save your smile is to extract one of your teeth. Our team offers a relaxing environment to relieve your dental anxiety during your tooth extraction procedure. We’ll let you know what your options are before deciding if extraction is the right course of action.

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Why Tooth Extractions Happen

There are many reasons someone might need a tooth extraction. One of the most common reasons is because their wisdom teeth are coming in. Wisdom teeth are the rearmost set of molars in your mouth, and they typically erupt much later than the rest of your teeth.

Some patients don’t notice any issues with their wisdom teeth, but for others, wisdom teeth can cause chaos if they’re not removed. Wisdom teeth can become impacted, trapping them beneath your gum line. This is painful and can lead to complications if they’re not extracted.

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure, but you might not need to have all four wisdom teeth removed all at once, if at all. Our dentists will let you know if your wisdom teeth are going to be a problem for you down the line and we’ll make recommendations accordingly.

There are other reasons your tooth might need to be extracted, as well. For example, if a tooth has become too badly damaged or decayed to be saved with a crown or root canal procedure, extraction might be the only option.

We have many restorative dentistry options available to replace missing teeth after a tooth extraction. Once the extraction site has healed, our dentists will work with you to find the restoration that’s right for your smile.

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Tooth extractions are nothing to fear. At the office of Jeffrey T. Baker DDS, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about your upcoming procedure. To make an appointment with our restorative dentists in Shelby Township, MI, call our office at (586) 992-9222 today.

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